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Josephson D/A converter with fundamental accuracy
A binary sequence of series arrays of shunted Josephson junctions is used to make a 14-b D/A converter. With 13 bias lines, any step number in the range -8192 to +8192 -1.2 V to +1.2 V can beExpand
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Application of the Josephson effect to voltage metrology
The unique ability of a Josephson junction to control the flow of magnetic flux quanta leads to a perfect relationship between frequency and voltage. Expand
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A pulse‐driven programmable Josephson voltage standard
A voltage standard based on a series array of pulse‐biased, nonhysteretic Josephson junctions is proposed. The output voltage can be rapidly and continuously programmed over a wide range by changingExpand
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Stable 1 volt programmable voltage standard
Several fully functional programmable voltage standard chips, each having a total of 32 768 Nb–PdAu–Nb Josephson junctions, have been fabricated and tested. The chips are based on a new design thatExpand
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Josephson voltage standards
This paper reviews the development and use of Josephson voltage standards over the last 30 years, including classical dc standards, programmable standards based on binary weighted arrays,Expand
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Margins and yield in single flux quantum logic
Simulations are used to optimize the design of simple rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) logic gates and to determine their margins. Optimizations based on maximizing the smallest (critical) marginExpand
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Evaluating the uncertainty of Josephson voltage standards
A general method is proposed to evaluate the uncertainty of Josephson voltage standard measurements exclusive of the uncertainty contributed by the device under test. The method is based on aExpand
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Broadband interfacing of superconducting digital systems to room temperature electronics
We have developed and tested simple and inexpensive electronics for interfacing Rapid Single-Flux-Quantum (RSFQ) Josephson-junction circuits to room temperature digital systems. Voltage-levelExpand
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Josephson voltage standard-a review
The unique ability of a Josephson junction to convert a microwave frequency f into a voltage Nhf/2e with high accuracy and the adoption of this phenomenon as the basis for the SI Volt RealizationExpand
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