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Restricted cusp motion in right-left type of bicuspid aortic valves: a new risk marker for aortopathy.
OBJECTIVE Bicuspid aortic valve disease is heterogeneous with respect to valve morphology and aortopathy risk. This study searched for early imaging predictors of aortopathy in patients with aExpand
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Mitral Valve Patient-Specific Finite Element Modeling from Cardiac MRI: Application to an Annuloplasty Procedure
We aim at testing the possibility to build patient-specific structural finite element models (FEMs) of the mitral valve (MV) from cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging and to use them to predictExpand
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Dynamic finite element analysis of the aortic root from MRI-derived parameters.
An understanding of aortic root biomechanics is pivotal for the optimisation of surgical procedures aimed at restoring normal root function in pathological subjects. For this purpose, computationalExpand
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Biomechanical implications of the congenital bicuspid aortic valve: a finite element study of aortic root function from in vivo data.
OBJECTIVE Congenital bicuspid aortic valves frequently cause aortic stenosis or regurgitation. Improved understanding of valve and root biomechanics is needed to achieve advancements in surgicalExpand
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Impact of modeling fluid-structure interaction in the computational analysis of aortic root biomechanics.
Numerical modeling can provide detailed and quantitative information on aortic root (AR) biomechanics, improving the understanding of AR complex pathophysiology and supporting the development of moreExpand
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Trends in Biomedical Engineering: Focus on Patient Specific Modeling and Life Support Systems
Over the last twenty years major advancements have taken place in the design of medical devices and personalized therapies. They have paralleled the impressive evolution of three-dimensional, nonExpand
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Left ventricular modelling: a quantitative functional assessment tool based on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
We present the development and testing of a semi-automated tool to support the diagnosis of left ventricle (LV) dysfunctions from cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR). CMR short-axis images of the LVsExpand
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Influence of Mitral Valve Anterior Leaflet in vivo Shape on Left Ventricular Ejection
Recent studies have demonstrated that, due to the active involvement of leaflet contractile elements, the anterior mitral leaflet (AML) is very stiff and maintains a compound curvature duringExpand
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Mitral valve modelling in ischemic patients: Finite element analysis from cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
The goal of the present work was to develop a framework for the analysis of time-varying mitral valve (MV) geometry from cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging, and to integrate these data in aExpand
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Aortic Valve Repair via Neo-Chordae Technique: Mechanistic Insight Through Numerical Modelling
Recently, the neo-chordae technique (NCT) was proposed to stabilize the surgical correction of isolated aortic valve (AV) prolapse. Neo-chordae are inserted into the corrected leaflet to drive itsExpand
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