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Physicochemical evaluation of sheep milk yogurts containing different levels of inulin.
The present study aimed to evaluate the physicochemical parameters of sheep milk yogurt smoothies (SMY) containing inulin at different levels (0, 2, 4, and 6%). Titratable acidity and pH, yogurtExpand
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Physico-chemical changes during storage and sensory acceptance of low sodium probiotic Minas cheese added with arginine.
The partial substitution of sodium chloride by potassium chloride (0%, 25%, and 50%) and addition of arginine (1% w/w) in probiotic Minas cheese was investigated. Microbiological (Lactococcus lactisExpand
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Preference mapping of dulce de leche commercialized in Brazilian markets.
Dulce de leche samples available in the Brazilian market were submitted to sensory profiling by quantitative descriptive analysis and acceptance test, as well sensory evaluation using theExpand
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Dulce de Leche, a typical product of Latin America: characterisation by physicochemical, optical and instrumental methods.
The physicochemical profile of Dulce de Leche (DL) was determined by both routine analysis and others techniques (HPLC, GC-MS and ICP-OES). Seven Brazilian commercial brands were characterised forExpand
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Determination of biogenic amines by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC-DAD) in probiotic cow's and goat's fermented milks and acceptance
This study evaluated the presence of biogenic amines in fermented cow's and goat's milks containing probiotic bacteria, during the first 10 days of chilled storage (4 ± 2°C), when the probioticExpand
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Mercury in aquatic fauna contamination: A systematic review on its dynamics and potential health risks.
Mercury is an important pollutant, released into aquatic ecosystems both naturally and by anthropogenic action. This element is transferred to aquatic organisms in different ways, causing potentialExpand
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Discrimination of Brazilian artisanal and inspected pork sausages: Application of unsupervised, linear and non-linear supervised chemometric methods.
The performance of different chemometric approaches to discriminate artisanal and industrial pork sausages using traditional physicochemical parameters was investigated. A total of 90 samples ofExpand
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Simultaneous analysis of carbohydrates and organic acids by HPLC-DAD-RI for monitoring goat's milk yogurts fermentation.
During yogurt manufacture, the lactose fermentation and organic acid production can be used to monitor the fermentation process by starter cultures and probiotic bacteria. In the present work, aExpand
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Ready-to-eat products elaborated with mechanically separated fish meat from waste processing: challenges and chemical quality
Both the worldwide demand for fish and aquaculture production have increased. Nevertheless, an extensive amount of fish production is destined for animal feed. Fish represents a rich source ofExpand
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The chemical quality of frozen Vietnamese Pangasius hypophthalmus fillets
Abstract The aim of the present study was to evaluate the chemical quality parameters regarding frozen Pangasius hypophthalmus specimens from Vietnam. The proximate composition, pH, ammonia, biogenicExpand
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