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Chinese and Canadian Children's Evaluations of Lying and Truth Telling: Similarities and Dfferences in the Context of pro-and Antisocial Behaviors.
The present study compared Chinese and Canadian children's moral evaluations of lie and truth telling in situations involving pro- and antisocial behaviors. Seven-, 9-, and 11-year-old Chinese andExpand
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Cross-cultural differences in children's choices, categorizations, and evaluations of truths and lies.
This study examined cross-cultural differences and similarities in children's moral understanding of individual- or collective-oriented lies and truths. Seven-, 9-, and 11-year-old Canadian andExpand
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Cultural understandings of resilience: roots for wings in the development of affective resources for resilience.
The authors examine one of the precursors of positive development: attachment. Attachment and the positive growth it portends for populations of children under stress underpins positive developmentalExpand
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‘A day in the life’: advancing a methodology for the cultural study of development and learning in early childhood
This paper explores the methodology of an ecological investigation of aspects of culture in the interactional construction of early childhood in diverse global communities: Peru, Italy, Canada,Expand
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Resilient Youths Use Humor to Enhance Socioemotional Functioning During a Day in the Life
In order to extend previous early years humor research into early adolescence, the authors adapted an innovative ecological research method such that at-risk adolescents could be filmed during anExpand
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Passing It On During a Day In The Life of Resilient Adolescents in Diverse Communities Around the Globe
This social-ecological inquiry explores youth resiliency in diverse communities using innovative qualitative visual methodologies. It engages adolescents in a process of sharing their dailyExpand
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Phantoms and fabrications:young children's detection of implausible lies.
The present study investigated whether young children are gullible and readily deceived by another's lies. Specifically, this study examined whether young children believe a lie teller's statementExpand
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Development of children’s moral evaluations of modesty and self-promotion in diverse cultural settings
This cross-cultural study of the moral judgements of Mainland Han-Chinese, Chinese-Canadian, and Euro-Canadian children aged seven to 11 examined the evaluations of narrative protagonists’ modestExpand
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Medium effects on children's story rewriting and story retelling
As part of a longitudinal study of the development of literacy skills, seven-year-old children wrote and told stories previously read to them. This partial replication of Geva & Olson (1983) examinedExpand
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Capturing lived childhoods without decontextualizing their meaning and still providing information needed by policy-makers and practitioners is a pressing challenge for contemporary researchers. InExpand
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