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Accumulation of volatile compounds during ageing of two red wines with different composition
Abstract This work studied the influence of the composition of wine on the evolution of oak compounds and on esters in red wines aged in American oak barrels. For this purpose, two of the mostExpand
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Volatile composition of aged wine in used barrels of French oak and of American oak
Abstract This investigation studied the behaviour of the barrels at the completion of their cycle of use (5–6 years old) on the volatile composition of a red wine. Results showed that compounds fromExpand
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Changes in the concentration of volatile oak compounds and esters in red wine stored for 18 months in re‐used French oak barrels
Studies were made of changes in concentration of oak-wood-derived volatiles and the evolution of esters in red wine during storage in twice-used French oak barrels. Wine samples were taken after 8,Expand
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Use of nitrogen compounds in spontaneous and inoculated wine fermentations.
In this paper the use of nitrogen compounds in garnacha must inoculated with active dry wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae subsp. cerevisiae strain Na33 has been studied. The results are compared toExpand
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Influence of Yeast Strain on Biogenic Amines Content in Wines: Relationship with the Utilization of Amino Acids during Fermentation
The presence of amines in wine, in high concentrations, can produce a negative impact on the aroma of the product and, in some cases, detrimental health effects. Several factors influence the contentExpand
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Changes in amine concentrations during aging of red wine in oak barrels.
This investigation studied the evolution of amines in red wines made with Merlot variety, during aging in American oak barrels (Quercus alba) and in French oak barrels (Quercus sessilis) from theExpand
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Influence of decantation of viura must on the cation content. Evolution during wine fermentation and stabilization
Must has many metallic cations which greatly affect wine fermentation, stability and quality. In this study we investigated the influence of clarification of viura must by static sedimentationExpand
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The development of esters in filtered and unfiltered wines that have been aged in oak barrels
Summary Esters are quite important for the aroma of aged red wine as they contribute to the fruity complex nature of this wine. This research paper measured the development of esters duringExpand
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Influence of wine turbidity on the accumulation of biogenic amines during aging
In this work the concentration of biogenic amines in filtered and unfiltered wine during aging in oak barrels was studied. Red wine from Merlot grapes was used. The wine remained for 243 days inExpand
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Binding of oak volatile compounds by wine lees during simulation of wine ageing
The retention of wine volatile compounds by wine lees could have an influence on the quality of the product. The aim of this work was to study the binding of wine volatile compounds from oak wood byExpand
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