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Living Standards and Mortality Since the Middle Ages
Existing studies find little connection between living standards and mortality in England, but go back only to the sixteenth century. Using new data on inheritances, we extend estimates of mortalityExpand
The Fertility of the Irish in America in 1910
In most western societies, marital fertility began to decline in the nineteenth century. But in Ireland, fertility in marriage remained stubbornly high into the twentieth century. Explanations ofExpand
Population and Poverty in Ireland on the Eve of the Great Famine
The link between demographic pressure and economic conditions in pre-Famine Ireland has long interested economists. This paper re-visits the topic, harnessing the highly disaggregated parish-levelExpand
Fertility in South Dublin a Century Ago: A First Look
Ireland's relatively late and feeble fertility transition remains poorly-understood. The leading explanations stress the role of Catholicism and a conservative social ethos. This paper reports theExpand
Roots of the Industrial Revolution
We analyze factors explaining the very different patterns of industrialization across the 42 counties of England between 1760 and 1830. Against the widespread view that high wages and cheap coalExpand
The Mechanics of the Industrial Revolution
For contemporaries, Britain’s success in developing the technologies of the early Industrial Revolution rested in large part on its abundant supply of artisan skills, notably in metalworking. In thisExpand
The Waning of the Little Ice Age
The ramifications of the Little Ice Age, a period of cooling temperatures straddling several centuries in northwestern Europe, reach far beyond meteorology into economic, political, and culturalExpand
Numerare est Errare: Agricultural Output and Food Supply in England Before and During the Industrial Revolution
Carefully constructed but fallible historical estimates of GDP and agricultural output inform our understanding of the preindustrial origins of economic growth. Here we review four recent attempts atExpand
Mortality in the North Dublin Union During the Great Famine
Debate about the adequacy of public action during the Great Irish Famine is hampered by a lack of detailed information on its impact at local level. This study addresses the question of local agencyExpand