C von Hänisch

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We have designed and synthesized a molecular rod that consists of two weakly coupled electronic pi -systems with mutually shifted energy levels. The asymmetry thus implied manifests itself in a current-voltage characteristic with pronounced dependence on the sign of the bias voltage, which makes the molecule a prototype for a molecular diode. The individual(More)
Photochromic systems can convert light energy into mechanical energy, thus they can be used as building blocks for the fabrication of prototypes of molecular devices that are based on the photomechanical effect. Hitherto a controlled photochromic switch on surfaces has been achieved either on isolated chromophores or within assemblies of randomly arranged(More)
A series of biphenyl-derived dithiol (BDDT) compounds with terminal acetyl-protected sulfur groups and different structural arrangements of both phenyl rings have been synthesized and fully characterized. The different arrangements were achieved by introducing hydrocarbon substituents in the 2 and 2' positions of the biphenyl backbone. The presented model(More)
A series of oligophenylene rods of increasing lengths is synthesized to investigate the charge-transport mechanisms. Methyl groups are attached to the phenyl rings to weaken the electronic overlap of the pi-subsystems along the molecular backbones. Out-of-plane rotation of the phenyl rings is confirmed in the solid state by means of X-ray analysis and in(More)
The first hybrid crown ether with two adjacent disilane fragments was synthesized through reaction of O(Si2Me4Cl)2 (3) with O(C2H4OH)2. By means of DFT calculations, the complexation ability of 1,2,4,5-tetrasila[12]crown-4 (7) towards Li(+) was determined to be considerably higher compared to [12]crown-4.
Compounds consisting of [M(1,2-disila-[3n]crown-n)]2+ (M = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba; n = 5, 6) and [Ba(1,2-disila-benzo[18]crown-6)]2+ cations and different anions were obtained by equimolar reaction of the hybrid disila-crown ethers 1,2-disila[15]crown-5 (1), 1,2-disila[18]crown-6 (2) and 1,2-disila-benzo[18]crown-6 (7) with alkaline earth metal salts. Even with(More)