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Signal structure and behavioural context were examined in two sister species, the Tallapoosa shiner Cyprinella gibbsi and the tricolor shiner Cyprinella trichroistia, with two more distantly related species, the Ocmulgee shiner Cyprinella callisema and the whitetail shiner Cyprinella galactura, in order to test the hypothesis that more closely related(More)
A field study examined sound production in the pygmy sculpin Cottus paulus, a threatened species found only in Coldwater Spring (Coosa River drainage), Alabama where the study was conducted. Two distinct call types are made during both courtship and agonistic encounters: a single knock and a knock train. The duration of the knock train significantly differs(More)
Life-history aspects and behavioral ecology of the bluenose shiner (Pteronotropis welakn) were investigated from May 1993 to June 1994 in a small tributary of the lower Pearl River in Marion County, Mississippi. Samples were taken monthly or biweekly to provide information about preferred habitat, reproductive biology, and demography. Observations were made(More)
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