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The structure of the aerial part of a plant, referred to as plant architecture, is subject to strict genetic control, and grain production in cereal crops is governed by an array of agronomic traits. Rice is one of the most important cereal crops and is also a model plant for molecular biological research. Recently, significant progress has been made in(More)
We isolated and sequenced a cDNA clone corresponding to the 2.5 kb storage protein (SP-1) from fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea. The SP-1 gene encoded a pre-protein of 753 amino acids, including a signal peptide of 15 amino acids. The deduced amino acid sequence of SP-1 contained one potential N-glycosylation site, and the calculated isoelectric point and(More)
Establishment of the apical-basal axis is a critical event in plant embryogenesis. Two functionally distinct primordia (the plumule and radicle) are meristems that originate from the lower and upper regions, respectively, of the embryo and are arranged along an apical-basal axis. One rice mutant (OsCem), which alters the embryo axis pattern to produce(More)
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