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We present here the results of GHQ-28 items in its spanish version in a sample of 50 university students in examination period. The mean total score was 8.20. We observed a higher mean total score in medical students (9.40) than in students of other careers (7.00), which indicates greater psychopathology in medical students. This fact is corroborated by the(More)
While the etiology of the affective disorders remain unknown, most believe that interactions between genetic and environmental factors are critical. Stress has been implicated as an important factor related to the onset and progression of affective disorders. Characteristics rendering individuals more or less vulnerable to stress are very important to(More)
INTRODUCTION Psychiatric disorders, either due to their psychopathology or the drug treatments required, may lead to changes in perception, information processing and integration, and psychomotor activity which may disturb and/or interfere with the ability to drive safely. METHOD This study assesses competence to drive in a sample of psychiatric(More)
There is no precise documentation about an universal nuclear composition of the depressive syndrome. Moreover, secondary manifestations of depression are even more controversial. In this paper the symptomatic profile of a sample of depressive patients attended in the Hospital Universitario de Canarias is analyzed. The characteristics, profiles and(More)
We studied stress reactivity in a sample of 48 psychiatric acute inpatients of a psychiatric ward in a general hospital. Stress Reactivity Questionnaire (IRE-32 items) was used, this instrument supplies an index of the subject's individual response to stressful situations. The mean Stress Reactivity Index of the sample was 13.02 (s.d. 6.31), which is(More)
In this paper the features, pattern profile and frequency of psychiatric and psychosomatic symptomatology of a sample constituted by 40 medical students during the usual academical period--free fron examination--are analyzed. Results suggest that there are no significant differences between the symptomatic patterns of the students of our sample and those(More)
INTRODUCTION This work seeks to know the state of the Burnout syndrome among Spanish psychiatrists' with the purpose of having some national reference values. It also sought to elucidate the sociodemographic and work-related variables which can influence the burnout syndrome. METHODS A survey (which includes sociodemographic, work-related variables and(More)
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