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As an important feature, orientation field describes the global structure of fingerprints. It provides robust discriminatory information other than traditional widely-used minutiae points. However, there are few works explicitly incorporating this information into fingerprint matching stage, partly due to the difficulty of saving the orientation field in(More)
Increasing interests in a global environment and climate change have led to studies focused on the changes in the multinational Arctic region. To facilitate Arctic research, a spatial data infrastructure (SDI), where Arctic data, information, and services are shared and integrated in a seamless manner, particularly in light of today's climate change(More)
Although the pre-surgical patient-surgeon encounter is the opportunity to educate the patient, it is essential that the patient be given educational materials to complement the face-to-face exchange. This is virtu-ally impossible to do well with brochures, because many combinations of procedures are possible, dif-ferent patients have different concerns, and(More)
Searching and navigating a Web site is a tedious task and the hierarchical models, such as site maps, are frequently used for organizing the Web site's content. In this work, we propose to model a Web site's content structure using the topic hierarchy, a directed tree rooted at a Web site's homepage in which the vertices and edges correspond to Web pages(More)