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BES data on J/ψ → γ(KKππ) are presented. The KK̄ contribution peaks strongly near threshold. It is fitted with a broad 0 resonance with mass M = 1800 ± 100 MeV, width Γ = 500 ± 200 MeV. A broad 2 resonance peaking at 2020 MeV is also required with width ∼ 500 MeV. There is further evidence for a 2 component peaking at 2.55 GeV. The non-KK̄ contribution is(More)
We demonstrate, for the first time, an error-free, 320-Gb/s optical code division multiple access (O-CDMA) network testbed employing the spectral phase encoded time spreading (SPECTS) technique. Results with and without forward error correction (FEC) are presented. © 2006 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (060.2330) Fiber optics communications;(More)
Studies have indicated that early-life or early-onset depression is associated with a 2- to 4-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD). In AD, aggregation of an abnormally phosphorylated form of the tau protein may be a key pathological event. Tau is known to play a major role in promoting microtubule assembly and stabilization, and in(More)
Octogenarians are more often viewed as high-risk surgical candidates. This increased risk is attributed to an age-related decline in physical function and reserve capacity coupled with the presence of various underlying diseases. There are no current guidelines or consensus on the optimal treatment strategy for this cohort of complex patients. The aim of(More)
In this study, cotton seedlings were subjected to osmotic-, salt- and alkali stresses. The growth, photosynthesis, inorganic ions, and organic acids in the stressed seedlings were measured, to compare the mechanisms by which plants adapt to these stresses and attempt to probe the mechanisms by which plants adapt to high pH stress. Our results indicated(More)
Current-induced breakdown phenomena of carbon nanofibers (CNFs) for future on-chip interconnect applications are presented. The effect of heat dissipation via the underlying substrate is studied using different experimental configurations. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques are utilized to study the structural damage by current stress. While the(More)
S. J. B. Yoo,* J. P. Heritage, V. J. Hernandez, R. P. Scott, W. Cong, N. K. Fontaine, R. G. Broeke, J. Cao, S.-W. Seo, J.-H. Baek, F. M. Soares, Y. Du, C. Yang, W. Jiang, K. Aihara, Z. Ding, B. H. Kolner, Anh-Vu Pham, Shu Lin, F. Olsson, S. Lourdudoss, K. Y. Liou, S. N. G. Chu, R. A. Hamm, B. Patel, W. S. Hobson, J. R. Lothian, S. Vatanapradit, L. A.(More)
In this study, totally 54 selected polymorphic SSR loci of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis), in addition with the previous linkage map of AFLP and RAPD markers, were used in consolidated linkage maps that composed of SSR, AFLP and RAPD markers of female and male construction, respectively. The female linkage map contained 236 segregating markers,(More)
Large area avalanche photo diodes (APD), a new and very promising type of light detector, were tested at high gain on a beam line and suddenly failed. A detailed study of the failure modes showed that these devices, if used at low gain and with special care, may actually be used in high-energy physics environments and indicates the road of development(More)