C. Y. Tang

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This paper presents a hybrid Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model that is developed for noisy data classification. The model, named GRNNFA, is a fusion of the Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory (FA) model and the General Regression Neural Network (GRNN) model. The GRNNFA model not only retains the important features of the parent models, which include stable(More)
—An artificial neural network (ANN) model and rule extraction from a trained ANN using genetic algorithm (GA) are applied to predict and advise on the rules for optimal product form design for a particular customer feeling. To map design elements and the affected impressions, principal component analysis (PCA) is employed to determine the essential(More)
Referring to the approach for determining the material parameters for a Wiechert model of the human subscapularis tendon proposed by Machiraju et al. [C. Machiraju, A.V. Phan, A.W. Pearsall, S. Madanagopal, Viscoelastic studies of a human subscapularis tendon: relaxation test and a Wiechert model, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (2006),(More)