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OBJECTIVE To assess the CT findings of the airway in children with mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS). MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 13 patients (9 boys, 4 girls; age range 2-17 years; mean age 9.2 years) with MPS: 6 with Hunter syndrome, 3 with Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, 2 with Sanfilippo syndrome, 1 with Hurler/Scheie syndrome and 1 with Morquio(More)
BACKGROUND Contrast-medium extravasation injuries may be self-limited to catastrophic. Adequate prophylactic measures are enforced when risk factors for extravasation are present, and prompt treatment can avoid serious complications. PURPOSE To describe the squeeze maneuver, an effective method for the treatment of symptomatic contrast-medium(More)
The authors report five cases of congenital nasal pyriform aperture stenosis (CNPAS). Four cases are presented as neonatal nasal obstruction and also have single central maxillary incisor (SCMI). Computed tomography examination indicates three of the SCMI are unerupted and one is erupted. The fifth case has an erupted SCMI and short stature. The associated(More)
Knowledges of acupuncture has played a major role in the treatment of human diseases, and has been mentioned in ancient Chinese medical literature for thousands of years. The loci which are most commonly used as treatment sites are points on the Ren Channel, kidney Channel, Stomach Channel, Pericardium Channel, Lung Channel, Spleen Channel and Gallbladder(More)
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