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Reliable preparation, manipulation and measurement protocols are necessary to exploit a physical system as a quantum bit. Spins in optically active quantum dots offer one potential realization and recent demonstrations have shown high-fidelity preparation and ultrafast coherent manipulation. The final challenge-that is, single-shot measurement of the(More)
Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, learns from previous experience to optimize performance, which is ubiquitous in various fields such as computer sciences, financial analysis, robotics, and bioinformatics. A challenge is that machine learning with the rapidly growing "big data" could become intractable for classical computers. Recently,(More)
We have retrospectively analyzed the glomerular filtration rate by 125-I iothalamate clearance and creatinine clearance in a group of 661 persons evaluated as potential kidney donors. The average GFR in this population is lower than that reported in previous studies and ranges from 102 +/- 15 and 114 +/- 17 ml/min for males and females age 21-30 to 84 +/-(More)
We report the first experimental demonstration of the interference-induced spectral line elimination predicted by Zhu and Scully [Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 388 (1996)] and Ficek and Rudolph [Phys. Rev. A 60, R4245 (1999)]. We drive an exciton transition of a self-assembled quantum dot in order to realize a two-level system exposed to a bichromatic laser field(More)
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