C. Y. Lim

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BACKGROUND The cheapest, most rapid method for the diagnosis of mycotic skin and nail infections is direct examination of samples using a KOH preparation. The standard KOH wet mount lacks a color contrast. Various contrast dyes are available. Parker ink is one which has been extensively used, however in recent times the stain no longer provides a suitable(More)
Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EH) is a rare tumor of vascular origin. The authors describe two cases of spinal EH, one involving the T-10 vertebra and the second involving the upper cervical spine. In the first case the patient underwent resection of the tumor; this case represents the longest reported follow-up period for spinal EH. In the second case,(More)
The need for translation among the world's thousands of natural languages makes information access and communication costly. One possible solution is lemmatic communication: A human sender encodes a message into sequences of lemmata (dictionary words), a massively multilingual lexical translation engine translates them into lemma sequences in a target(More)
AMS subject classifications: primary 62F12 secondary 62H11 60G60 Keywords: Random field Self-similar Operator scaling Hurst index a b s t r a c t Operator scaling random fields are useful for modeling physical phenomena with different scaling properties in each coordinate. This paper develops a general parameter estimation method for such fields which(More)
This paper presents a method for domain adaptation (incorporating out-of-domain data) through phrase generalization (learning/using phrase templates) in order to improve the Italian-English translation quality on the BTEC travel task. The process of phrase generalization is described, and its inclusion in the system resulted in noticeable, but only minor(More)
Injections of the melanocortin 3/4 receptor (MCR) agonist melanotan II (MTII) to a variety of brain structures produces anorexia, suggesting distributed brain MCR control of food intake. We performed a detailed analysis of feeding behavior (licking microstructure analysis) after a range of MTII doses (0.005 nM to 1 nM) was targeted to the forebrain (third(More)
The diiron complexes [Fe(2)(CO)(6)(1,8-S(2)-2,4,5,7-Cl(4)C(10)H(2))] (3), [Fe(2)(CO)(6)(1,8-S(2)C(10)H(6))] (4), and [Fe(2)(CO)(6)(1,8-S(2)-2,7-tBu(2)C(10)H(4))] (5) were synthesized in moderate yield from naphthalene-1,8-dithiols and [Fe(3)(CO)(12)]. They were characterized by IR, (1)H and (13)C NMR spectroscopy and 3 and 4 were characterized by X-ray(More)
Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) is a well-established therapy that reduces child externalized behaviors and parent stress. Although BPT was originally developed for parents of children with defiant behaviors, the program's key concepts are relevant to parenting all children. Since parents might not fully utilize BPT due to cost and program location, we(More)