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We examined increases in self-reported alcohol-related problems among black and white adult drinkers using data from the 1984 and 1992 National Alcohol Surveys. The objectives of the study were to determine whether alcohol consumption, drinking norm, or socioeconomic status were related to increases in alcohol-related problems. Two types of self-reported(More)
145 Testing a Joint Moderator of Ego Strength and Ethical Climate: A Study of the Process of Peer Reporting Intentions in IT Ethics Chieh-Peng Lin, Ling-Lang Tang, Yu-Bin Chiu, and Ching Yun Hsiao a Department of Business Administration, Vanung University, Chungli, Taoyuan, Taiwan. b Graduate School of Management Yuan Ze University, 135, Yuan-Tung Road,(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim is to develop the psychometric property of the Minimum Data-Set-Based Depression Rating Scale (MDS-DRS) to ensure its use to assess service needs and guide care plans for institutionalized residents. METHODS 378 residents were recruited from the Haoran Senior Citizen Home in northern Taiwan. The MDS-DRS and GDS-SF were used to identify(More)
We sought to examine the relationships between socioeconomic status and drinking problems within the Black and White male populations. A two-way interactions of social class with race/ethnicity, and with drinking consequences and alcohol dependence symptoms was hypothesized among drinkers. Drinking problems were regressed on social class, race/ethnicity,(More)
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