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The filtered backprojection (FBP) algorithm and statistical model based iterative algorithms such as the maximum likelihood (ML) reconstruction or the maximum a posteriori (MAP) reconstruction are the two major classes of tomographic reconstruction methods. The FBP method is widely used in clinical setting while iterative methods have attracted research(More)
An algorithm is proposed to increase the effective resolution of infrared thermal images by a 2:1 ratio while at the same time removing the noise and preserving edges in the image. This algorithm is based on a minimization strategy known as mean field annealing, which takes into account processes of blur, noise, and image correlations, to make an optimal(More)
In this paper, the finite difference Poisson-Boltzmann (FDPB) method with four dielectric constants is developed to study the effect of dielectric saturation on the electrostatic barriers of the permeation ion. In this method, the inner shape of the channel pore is explicitly represented, and the fact that the dielectric constant inside the channel pore is(More)
Mechanical unloading leads to bone loss and disuse osteoporosis partly due to impaired osteoblastogenesis of bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs). However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of this phenomenon are not fully understood. In this study, we demonstrated that cyclic mechanical stretch (CMS) promotes osteoblastogenesis of BMSCs both in vivo and in(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the regulative effect of expression of VEGF gene in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and to discuss the future application of microRNA in the gene therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. METHOD We constructed the recombination miRNA plasmid vectors which target VEGF gene and plasmids were transfected into CNE-2 cells by using Lipofectamine(More)
Text similarity has a relatively wide range of applications in many fields, such as intelligent information retrieval, question answering system, text rechecking, machine translation, and so on. The text similarity computing based on the meaning has been used more widely in the similarity computing of the words and phrase. Using the knowledge structure of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression and significance of Survivin mRNA in xenotransplanted nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated by paclitaxel combined with radiotherapy. METHOD Xenotransplanted nasopharyngeal carcinoma was established by CNE-2 cell line, then grouped and treated with paclitaxel, radiotherapy, paclitaxel combined with radiotherapy(More)
Cartilage dyshomeostasis contributes to osteoarthritis (OA) pathogenesis, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α has critical role in this process by driving inflammatory cascades and cartilage degradation. However, the negative regulation of TNF-α-mediated signaling remains undefined. Here we demonstrate the crucial role of miR-145 in the modulation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the type of CTGAATCA from -nt.199 to -nt.192 of the cytokeratin 13(CK13) gene 5' flanking region and determine its transcriptional effect on CK13 gene expression. METHODS The CAT systems were used to assess the effects of different motifs of CK13 gene 5' flanking region on transcription. The clones of pCAT-enhancer with the total(More)
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