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The hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen HAb18G/CD147, a member of CD147 family, could promote tumour invasion and metastasis via inducing the secretion of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP). Anti-CD147 monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) have exhibited obvious inhibitory effect on MMP induction. However, none of the epitopes of these MoAb has been reported.(More)
Monoclonal antibody (mAb) has been widely applied in the treatment of human diseases, especially in malignant tumours. However, most antibodies produced in mouse by hybridoma technology might induce severe human anti-mouse reactions. We had reported a murine mAb CAb-1 of therapeutic interest for its specifically binding to a cell surface glycoprotein of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study protective effects of tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) on the imbalance of TXA2/PGI2 during cardiopulmomary bypass (CPB) in congenital heart disease (CHD) with pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients. METHODS Thirty patients suffered from non-cyanotic CHD-PH were randomly divided into control group (n = 15) and treatment group (n = 15). 3 mg/kg(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether Tripterygium wilfordii (TW) could be used as an immunosuppressant, and whether antirejection therapy with low-dose cyclosporin A (CsA) and TW was better than the treatment with large-dose CsA alone in intestinal transplantation in pigs. 100 cm intestines were transplanted by using two-step models. Four pigs(More)
The two step small-bowel transplantation was performed experimentally in pigs. Both ends of heterotopic segmental allografts of 100 cm small bowel were enterostomized during the first operation. After 4-6 weeks, the allograft was interposed in the continuity of the intestine. Rejection was developed in Group I (n = 6) without immunosuppression. The mean(More)
Thirty patients of heart valve replacement were randomly divided into two groups, one as Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (RSM) treatment group and the other as control group. Blood samples were taken from right atrium (RA) and left atrium (LA) before cardiopulmonary bypass operation (CPB) and 10 min, 45 min, 2 hours, 6 hours after the removal of the aortic(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the validity of continuous low-flow perfusion with low-potassium dextran (LPD) to preserve rabbit lung. METHODS Isolated rabbit lungs were preserved for eight hours either in Ringer's solution by simple storage (Group I) or in continuous low-flow perfusion with LPD (Group II). After preservation, lung functions were assessed to compare(More)
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