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  • C Wu
  • Annual review of cell and developmental biology
  • 1995
Organisms respond to elevated temperatures and to chemical and physiological stresses by an increase in the synthesis of heat shock proteins. The regulation of heat shock gene expression in eukaryotes is mediated by the conserved heat shock transcription factor (HSF). HSF is present in a latent state under normal conditions; it is activated upon heat stress(More)
We identified a zebrafish caudal-related homeobox (cdx1b) gene, which shares syntenic conservation with both human and mouse Cdx1. Zebrafish cdx1b transcripts are maternally deposited. cdx1b is uniformly expressed in both epiblast and hypoblast cells from late gastrulation to the 1-2s stages and can be identified in the retinas, brain and somites during(More)
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