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Our goal was to evaluate fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) in staging patients with biliary tract cancers. Fifty consecutive patients who underwent FDG-PET for suspected cholangiocarcinoma (n=36) or gallbladder carcinoma (n=14) were reviewed. Patients with cholangiocarcinoma were divided into two groups: group 1 had nodular type(More)
BACKGROUND Both the Institute of Medicine and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggest patient safety can be enhanced by implementing aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) in health care. CRM emphasizes six key areas: managing fatigue, creating and managing teams, recognizing adverse situations (red flags), cross-checking and communication,(More)
Cholangiocarcinoma presents a formidable diagnostic and treatment challenge. The majority of patients present with unresectable disease and have a survival of less than 12 months following diagnosis. Progress has been made by the appropriate selection of patients for treatment options including resection, with the routine use of more aggressive resections(More)
BACKGROUND Liver surgery can be difficult because there are few external landmarks defining hepatic anatomy and because the liver has significant vascularity. Although preoperative tomographic imaging (computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging) provides essential anatomical information for operative planning, at present it cannot be used actively(More)
Primary retroperitoneal tumors represent a variety of lesions, with different treatments and prognoses. Of 182 patients in our study, retroperitoneal tumor was recognized preoperatively in only 39% of them. Sarcomas were most common (43% of patients), followed by lymphomas (23%), benign tumors (11%), undifferentiated malignant tumors (11%), carcinomas (8%),(More)
UNLABELLED This study had two purposes: to optimize the semiquantitative interpretation of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET scans in the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma by analyzing different cutoff levels for the standardized uptake value (SUV), with and without correction for serum glucose level (SUV(gluc)); and to evaluate the usefulness of FDG PET(More)
Right ventricular function before and during 10 days of mild pressure loading (10 mm Hg increase in mean pulmonary arterial pressure) was compared with right ventricular function in unloaded near-term fetal sheep. Pressure loading did not alter fetal arterial blood gases or vascular pressures. The right ventricular function curve (stroke volume versus mean(More)
BACKGROUND Health-related quality of life and functional performance are important outcome measures following heart transplantation. This study investigates the impact of pre-transplant functional performance and post-transplant rejection episodes, obesity and osteopenia on post-transplant health-related quality of life and functional performance. METHODS(More)
The indication for concomitant valve operations for ischemic mitral regurgitation is examined in 120 consecutive patients with regurgitation who had coronary bypass. Ischemic mitral regurgitation was mild in 56%, moderate in 18%, and severe in 27%. Compared with patients without mitral regurgitation who underwent coronary bypass, significantly more patients(More)