C. Wong

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A finite-element analysis (FEA) model of an intact lumbar disc-body unit was generated. The vertebral body of the FEA model consisted of a solid tetrahedral core of trabecular bone surrounded by a cortical shell. The disc consisted of an incompressible nucleus surrounded by nonlinear annulus fibers embedded in a solid ground substance. The purpose was to(More)
Many training simulators have been developed for use by surgeons to undertake surgical procedures in training. In several cases, the simulators are demanding of computer time, physical space and are costly. We have designed a low cost versatile simulator that can be used almost anywhere and on most computer systems. With modifications, it can be used with(More)
An assessment task typically comprises a stimulus posed by the assessor with the purpose of eliciting a response from the examinee. Traditionally, both stimulus and response are written on paper. More recently, non-print platforms such as computers have been used in presenting the stimulus and response. The increasing use of mobile communication devices(More)
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