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Sensory aspects of uremic neuropathy were studied in 36 patients using clinical assessment and quantitative sensory tests (QST). The outstanding abnormality in sensory quality was perception of heat in response to low temperature stimuli. This paradoxical heat sensation was found in the foot in 42% (15) of patients, far beyond the normal prevalence of 10%.(More)
When severely dehydrated Bedouin goats were allowed to drink to satiation their plasma arginine vasopressin concentration immediately dropped from a value of 19.9±9.4 pmol·l-1 to 9.4±3.9 pmol·l-1 (P<0.05). It continued to drop further until a concentration of 1.8±2.9 pmol·l-1 was recorded, similar to that reported for goats allowed to drink freely. When the(More)
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