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The goal of the present study was to assess the frequency and impact of replanning triggered solely by soft tissue changes observed on the daily setup mega-voltage CT (MVCT) in head and neck cancer (H&N) helical tomotherapy (HT). A total of 11 patients underwent adaptive radiotherapy (ART) using MVCT. Preconditions were a soft tissue change > 0.5 cm and a(More)
Teleost fish develop bones directly from mesenchymal condensations and from cartilage precursors. At the cellular level, the involved cell populations share many features with their mammalian counterparts. In addition, several genes are already described in fish showing high homology in amino acid sequence and expression with the corresponding genes of(More)
The goal of this work was to assess the feasibility of moderately hypofractionated simultaneous integrated-boost intensity-modulated radiotherapy (SIB-IMRT) with helical tomotherapy in patients with localized prostate cancer regarding acute side effects and dose–volume histogram data (DVH data). Acute side effects and DVH data were evaluated of the first 40(More)
Telepathology may be used to provide a frozen section service to hospitals without a department or institute of pathology. We have developed a telepathology system using the commercially available Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). The main software and hardware elements of our system are: Apple Macintosh workstations, a program for simultaneous(More)
The effect of regional myocardial perfusion and flow-independent adrenergic stimulation, as well as lactatemediated inhibition of cardiac lipolysis, on cardiac IPPA uptake and metabolism was examined in canine hearts (flow studies) and in the isolated perfused Langendorff rat heart (metabolic interventions). In both normal and ischaemic myocardium, local(More)
The distribution of blood flow in the lungs was determined in 19 patients with chronic obstructive airways disease. It could be shown that the upper parts of the lungs tend to be more perfused with increasing pulmonary artery pressure. Exceptions are patients with massive emphysematous or restrictive alterations of lung parenchyma in the upper zones of the(More)
Es wird über eine neue Methode der intrathorakalen Nachbestrahlung des Lungenhilus mit radioaktivem Kobalt (Co60) nach Lungenresektionen wegen Bronchialcarcinom berichtet. Es ist dies unseres Wiesens die erste Bestrahlung mit radioaktiven Isotopen innerhalb von Thorax-Operationswunden. An Hand von 3 Fällen wird gezeigt, daß sich die intrathorakale(More)
  • C. Winkler
  • Langenbecks Archiv für klinische Chirurgie
  • 2006
Seien wir daher vorl/iufig noeh vorsiehtig in unseren SehluBfolgerungen. Vergessen wir nieht, dag neben dem vielen, was uns die Grundlagenforsehung an neuen Erkenntnissen fiber die Physiologie und Pathologie der Sehilddrfise besehert hat, noeh groge Lfieken in unserem Wissen klaffen nnd dM3 nieht weniges von dem, was wir gesieherg hielten, sehon naeh 1 oder(More)