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RATIONALE Reduced airway distensibility in subjects with asthma compared with control subjects may be related to differences in lung elastic recoil and bronchomotor tone. OBJECTIVES To examine the contribution of lung elastic recoil and bronchomotor tone to airway distensibility. METHODS We compared airway distensibility in 18 subjects with asthma with(More)
A method is described for the determination of roquefortine in blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. The method involves sample extraction with ethyl acetate, cleanup by liquid-liquid partition, and determination by high pressure liquid chromatography with ultraviolet and electrochemical detectors connected in series. Recoveries of roquefortine added to(More)
This paper outlines ways to maximize response rates to surveys by summarizing the most relevant literature to date and demonstrating how these techniques have resulted in consistently high rates of return in family practice research. We describe the methodology used in recent surveys of physicians conducted by the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine(More)
Increased wheeze and asthma diagnosis in obesity may be due to reduced lung volume with subsequent airway narrowing. Asthma (wheeze and airway hyperresponsiveness), functional residual capacity (FRC) and airway conductance (Gaw) were measured in 276 randomly selected subjects aged 28-30 yrs. Data were initially adjusted for smoking and asthma before(More)
A sonar system's echolocation capabilities can be inferred from the ambiguity distribution (defined here in terms of the conventional signal response function) of each of its transmitted signals. Several records of sounds emitted by Hector's dolphin are analyzed. The computed ambiguity distributions indicate that the sonar clicks of Hector's dolphins should(More)
Toxicological effects of dietary soy trypsin inhibitor (TI) were assessed in male miniature swine, a model chosen for its similarities to human digestive physiology and anatomy. The TI preparation was extracted from defatted raw soy flour. From 1 through 5 weeks of age, piglets were automatically fed either a TI liquid diet [Autosow TI group (ASTI)] or a(More)
There is currently no universally accepted approach to weaning patients from mechanical ventilation, but there is clearly a feeling within the medical community that it may be possible to formulate the weaning process algorithmically in some manner. Fuzzy logic seems suited this task because of the way it so naturally represents the subjective human notions(More)
A rapid method for the determination of deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat was used to analyze 57 wheat samples collected from 4 midwestern states where the winter wheat crop was contaminated with Fusaria. The method involves sample extraction with acetonitrile-water (84 + 16), cleanup by charcoal-alumina column chromatography, and determination by thin layer(More)
Variability in airway caliber is a characteristic feature of asthma. Previous studies reported that the variability in respiratory system impedance (Zrs), measured by the forced oscillation technique during several minutes of tidal breathing, is increased in asthma and may be a marker of inherent instability of the airways. The aims of this study were to(More)
In a previous study (J. H. T. Bates, A. M. Lauzon, G. S. Dechman, G. N. Makaym, and T. F. Schuessler. J. Appl. Physiol. 76: 616-626, 1994), we investigated the acute changes in isovolume lung mechanics immediately after a bolus injection of histamine. We found that dynamic resistance and elastance increased progressively in the 80-s period after injection,(More)