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BACKGROUND Robust evidence to direct management of pregnant women with mild hypertensive disease at term is scarce. We investigated whether induction of labour in women with a singleton pregnancy complicated by gestational hypertension or mild pre-eclampsia reduces severe maternal morbidity. METHODS We undertook a multicentre, parallel, open-label(More)
The Young's modulus of an arterial segment, a measure of the elastic properties of the arterial wall, requires the simultaneous and local assessment of pulse pressure, wall thickness, diameter, and distensibility (relative increase in cross-sectional area per change in blood pressure). The diameter and relative increase in cross-sectional area can be(More)
OBJECTIVE To study perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity in a large cohort of monoamniotic twin pregnancies with special emphasis to the gestational age-specific mortality. METHODS The study included monoamniotic twin pregnancies delivered in 10 perinatal centers in the Netherlands between January 2000 and December 2007. RESULTS A total of 98(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of induction of labour with a policy of expectant monitoring for intrauterine growth restriction near term. DESIGN Multicentre randomised equivalence trial (the Disproportionate Intrauterine Growth Intervention Trial At Term (DIGITAT)). SETTING Eight academic and 44 non-academic hospitals in the Netherlands between(More)
OBJECTIVE Early pregnancy is characterized by a fall in total peripheral vascular resistance. In this study we tested the hypothesis that this phenomenon is accompanied by rising compliances of the large arteries and veins. STUDY DESIGN In 42 women with a history of preeclampsia and 10 healthy parous control subjects we measured the following variables in(More)
In this article, the effects of pregnancy and delivery on the development of stress urinary incontinence are described with special emphasis on the obstetrical management in women who wish to become pregnant or are pregnant after a preceding mid-urethral sling procedure. Three case histories and a review of literature are presented. Pregnancy after a(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertensive disorders, i.e. pregnancy induced hypertension and preeclampsia, complicate 10 to 15% of all pregnancies at term and are a major cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. The only causal treatment is delivery. In case of preterm pregnancies conservative management is advocated if the risks for mother and child remain(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate whether administration of 17α-hydroxyprogesterone caproate can prevent neonatal morbidity in multiple pregnancies by reducing the preterm birth rate. METHODS We conducted a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial in 55 obstetric clinics in the Netherlands. Women with a multiple pregnancy were randomized to(More)
IMPORTANCE In threatened preterm labor, maintenance tocolysis with nifedipine, after an initial course of tocolysis and corticosteroids for 48 hours, may improve perinatal outcome. OBJECTIVE To determine whether maintenance tocolysis with nifedipine will reduce adverse perinatal outcomes due to premature birth. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS(More)
1. In previous studies, the elastic properties of the common carotid artery were found to differ between men and women. In these studies, however, the phase of the menstrual cycle was not taken into consideration. It was the aim of the present study to investigate the effect of changing ovarian hormone levels during the normal menstrual cycle on the(More)