C Weidtke

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Rabbit cortical thick ascending limb segments were perfused in vitro, and intracellular Cl- activity was estimated in three types of experiments using conventional and chloride selective microelectrodes. In series 1 Ringer like solutions were present on the two epithelial sides. In series 2 limen Cl- was replaced by gluconate, and in series 3 furosemide,(More)
The Na+2Cl-K+ cotransporter in the apical membrane of the cortical thick ascending limb of the Henle's loop (cTAL) of rabbit nephron utilizes the electrochemical gradient for Na+ to transport K+ and Cl- against an unfavorable electrochemical gradient from lumen to cell interior. In the present study attempts are made to measure intracellular K+ activity (a(More)
Isolated segments of cortical thick ascending limbs (cTAL) of rabbit kidney were perfused in vitro and the equivalent short circuit current (Isc) was measured. In a first series all substrates were removed on either side. Isc fell rapidly to 50 +/- 12% after 3 min and to 27 +/- 6% (n = 5) after 10 min. This indicates that in cTAL segments Isc is strictly(More)
The group of "high ceiling" diuretics consists of a variety of chemically different potent diuretic and saluretic substances. Appart from a few exemptions direct evidence for an action of these substances in the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle (TAL) is still lacking. For furosemide, we have reported recently that it inhibits most likely the Na+-2(More)
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