C. Wayne Brown

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DNA nanostructures provide a reliable and predictable scaffold for precisely positioning fluorescent dyes to form energy transfer cascades. Furthermore, these structures and their attendant dye networks can be dynamically manipulated by biochemical inputs, with the changes reflected in the spectral response. However, the complexity of DNA structures that(More)
Combining biomolecules such as enzymes with nanoparticles has much to offer for creating next generation synergistically functional bionanomaterials. However, almost nothing is known about how these two disparate components interact at this critical biomolecular-materials interface to give rise to improved activity and emergent properties. Here we examine(More)
This paper describes several tools related to the Ada language that were developed to support the teaching of a computer graphics course. These tools include an updated and improved OpenGL Ada specification file, a VRML-to-code conversion tool, and an Ada-to-C conversion tool. The rational for the development of these tools and some issues related to their(More)
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