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The objective of this study was to determine the effect that different dietary fatty acids would have on the fatty acid composition of adipose tissue. Thirty adult rabbits were starved 3-4 wk to deplete adipose tissue stores. They were then refed five different fats (linseed, rapeseed, cocoa butter, palm, and safflower oils) to regain initial body weights.(More)
Assuming that unrecognized or inadequately corrected hypovolemia results in higher mortality and morbidity rates, we developed a systematic approach to resuscitation that would: 1) identify criteria to aid in the recognition of hypovolemia and ensure the expeditious correction of this defect without interfering with diagnostic workup and management; 2)(More)
Standard management of axillary burn contractures has been scar release and the use of skin grafts, despite the common problem of incomplete graft take, prolonged splinting, extended physical therapy, and recurrent contractures. A recent development in plastic surgery has been the "super flap" or fasciocutaneous flap. A series of axillary burn contractures(More)
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