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An association between colorectal cancer and previous peptic ulcer surgery is reported. In a prospective screening study, 100 asymptomatic patients (80 men and 20 women) who had undergone truncal vagotomy at least 10 years previously were investigated by barium enema, colonoscopy and gallbladder ultrasonography. Control data were obtained from forensic(More)
The National Breast Screening Programme is an ongoing public health programme. Women between 50 and 64 years are being invited to attend for screening at three yearly intervals. The results of the first 5,000 women screened in the Eastern Health and Social Services Board's unit are presented. The breast cancer detection rate was 7.8 per thousand women(More)
INTRODUCTION In our unit sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is performed without intra-operative pathological nodal assessment. If node biopsies are positive the patients have to return at a later date for a complete axillary node clearance (ANC). METHODS We conducted a retrospective study to ascertain if the use of pre-operative ultrasound assessment of(More)
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