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Absnod-A SiCe BiCMOS broadband mixer and analog multiplier using LC ladder matching nehuorks and atteauPtioacompensatioa method were first p r o p d. This broadband mixer achieves measured Conversion gain of 19 dB with a 3-dB bandwidth from 0.
Food preference in individual animals is regulated by brain activity. Two murine model systems for investigating food preference were developed by focusing on fruit juices. In a home-cage, two-bottle test, the volume of apple juice consumed was found to be much larger than that of orange juice. In a two-nozzle "Drinkometer" test, by which each mouse was(More)
A wideband analog correlator has been constructed for the Yuan-Tseh Lee Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy. Lag correlators using analog mul-tipliers provide large bandwidth and moderate frequency resolution. Broadband IF distribution, backend signal processing and control are described. Operating conditions for optimum sensitivity and linearity are(More)
Millimeter-wave (MMW) VCO design is motivated by the ever-increasing frequency and bandwidth of data-communications. In the MMW domain, integrated VCOs are realized mainly using III-V compound devices or SiGe HBTs. In deep submircron CMOS technology oscillators at frequencies up to 51GHz are reported [1]-[2]. However, for frequencies higher than 30GHz,(More)
A wideband correlator system with a bandwidth of 16 GHz or more is required for Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy (AMiBA) to achieve the sensitivity of 10μK in one hour of observation. Double-balanced diode mixers were used as multipliers in 4-lag correlator modules. Several wideband modules were developed for IF signal distribution between(More)
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