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—We propose and demonstrate a fiber-optic network for microcellular code-division multiple access (CDMA) personal communication service. The proposed network is based on a passive double-star architecture. The relaxed dynamic range requirements of CDMA signals allowed the use of double-star architecture. The proposed network was demonstrated by using(More)
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is commonly associated with arthritic manifestations. They are divided into three clinical categories; peripheral arthritis, spondylitis, and sacroiliitis. To evaluate the incidence of arthritis associated with IBD in Korea, we retrospectively reviewed one hundred and twenty-nine patients with IBD, 77 with ulcerative colitis(More)
Carcinosarcoma of the adrenal gland is an extremely rare variant of adrenocortical carcinoma, characterized by a biphasic pattern of carcinoma and sarcoma-like components. We report a case of adrenal carcinosarcoma occurring in a 61-year-old Korean man who presented with right flank pain of one month duration radiating to the back and right iliac crest. The(More)
To determine the contribution of metoclopramide to the efficacy of ondansetron in control of cisplatin-induced emesis, ondansetron was compared with ondansetron plus metoclopramide for antiemetic efficacy in a randomized double-blind trial. Enrolled 66 patients were treated with cisplatin(60mg/m2) in combination with etoposide, flourouracil, or vinblastine,(More)
Retinoic acids may inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation, but may promote endothelial cell proliferation in cell culture. However, little data are available about the effects of all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) on endothelial regeneration and functional recovery in an experimental model of vascular injury. Accordingly, we investigated whether ATRA(More)
An intrinsic limitation of linear, Hebbian networks is that they are capable of learning only from the linear pairwise correlations within an input stream. To explore what higher forms of structure could be learned with a nonlinear Hebbian network, we constructed a model network containing a simple form of nonlinearity and we applied it to the problem of(More)