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Developing full-wave simulators for high-frequency circuit simulation is a topic many researchers have investigated. Generally speaking, methods invoking analytic pre-processing of the device's V-I relations (admittance or impedance) are computationally more efficient than methods employing a numerical procedure to iteratively process the device at each(More)
In this letter, a model-order-reduction method for generating piezoelectric compact models is presented. An Arnoldi-based technique is used to create compact models from the system matrices generated by a piezoelectric finite-element solver. The proposed approach also preserves the passivity of the generated compact models. The modeling results of a(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology of generating nonlinear microfluidic macromodels for system-level simulations of 3-D microchannels using the Galerkin-based technique. Each generated macromodel consists of a low-order model and a few basis functions. For generating the basis functions, the ensembles of snapshots of fluidic field distributions are(More)
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