C.-W. Huang

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The effects of methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MβCD), an oligosaccharide, on ion currents were investigated in differentiated NG108-15 neuronal cells. In NG108-15 cells treated with dibutyryl cyclic AMP, the expression level of the K(V)3.1 mRNA was elevated. Depletion of membrane cholesterol by exposing cells to MβCD (1 mM) resulted in a significant reduction of the(More)
BACKGROUND We showed previously that breast carcinoma amplified sequence 2 (BCAS2) functions as a negative regulator of p53. We also found that BCAS2 is a potential AR-associated protein. AR is essential for the growth and survival of prostate carcinoma. Therefore we characterised the correlation between BCAS2 and AR. METHODS Protein interactions were(More)
Cognitive impairment in epilepsy has begun to gain more attention in clinical practice. There is now a considerable amount of research relating to memory functioning in epilepsy, however, few studies specifically focused on cryptogenic epilepsy. We investigated the cognitive performance in cryptogenic epilepsy patients with the aid of cognitive ability(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although parkinsonism after carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication is well known, neurotransmitter deficient networks that are responsible for the severity of parkinsonism have rarely been systemically evaluated. METHODS Eighteen patients with CO-related parkinsonism and nine age- and sex-matched controls were enrolled for detailed(More)
The effect of lacosamide (LCS), a functionalized molecule with anti-convulsant properties, on ion channels was investigated, with the aid of patch clamp technology and simulation modeling. In NSC-34 neuronal cells, LCS was found to block voltage-gated Na(+) current (INa) in a frequency- and concentration-dependent manner. With the two-step voltage protocol,(More)
Pathophysiological changes associated with chronic kidney disease impair angiogenic processes and increase renal fibrosis. Progenitor-like cells derived from adult kidney have been previously used to promote regeneration in acute kidney injury, even though it remained unclear whether the cells could be beneficial in chronic kidney disease (CKD). In this(More)
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