C. W. Brodrick

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A nontrivial portion of heavy-duty vehicle emissions of NOx and particulate matter (PM) occurs during idling. Regulators and the environmental community are interested in curtailing truck idling emissions, but current emissions models do not characterize them accurately, and little quantitative data exist to evaluate the relative effectiveness of various(More)
A radiographic and image analysis method was developed and applied in porcine knees for the measurement of articular cartilage thickness in articulated joints. The feasibility of the approach was assessed by implementing the method for the lateral femoral condyle from harvested limbs. Measurement of the undeformed cartilage thickness with this method was(More)
A large number of heavy-duty trucks idle a significant amount. Heavy-duty line-haul truck engines idle about 20–40% of the time the engine is running, depending on season and operation. Drivers idle engines to power climate control devices (e.g., heaters and air conditioners) and sleeper compartment accessories (e.g., refrigerators, microwave ovens, and(More)
Changes in ankle biomechanics lead to altered load transmission through the ankle joint, possibly predisposing it to osteoarthritis. Contributions of the different bands of the deltoid ligament to the contact characteristics in the ankle were examined. Fifteen normal cadaveric lower extremities were axially loaded to 445 N after intra-articular Fuji film(More)
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