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The circadian and ultradian variations of blood glucose and plasma insulin have been characterized individually and as a group phenomenon in five healthy young adults studied while adhering as closely as possible to their usual routine of sleep, activity, meal content and timing. Three complementary methods were used to analyze the data: displaying raw data(More)
This thesis is based on the following papers, which are referred to in the text by their Roman numerals. Reprints were made with permission from the respective publishers. Author Contribution The author wishes to clarify his contributions to the included papers. I Performed a large part of the calculations and contributed partly to manuscript writing. II(More)
Blood glucose, gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP), vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) and gastrin secretions were measured over a three-hour period following the ingestion by normal subjects of a mixed meal with two different caloric levels (1055 Kcal and 1192 Kcal). No VIP secretion was observed after either meal. Gastrin release was not modified by(More)
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