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Quantum computing is an important field of research that applies concepts of quantum physics to building more efficient computers. Although only rudimentary quantum computers have been built so far, many researchers believe that quantum computing has great potential and the quantum computers can efficiently perform some tasks which are otherwise not(More)
The process of disguising a plaintext into ciphertext is called encryption and back into plaintext is called decryption. A cryptographic algorithm, is also called a cipher, is the mathematical function used for encryption and decryption. Many algorithms are available for this purpose. Triple DES is such an algorithm. Encryption using triple DES is possible(More)
Collagen synthesis was studied in monolayer cultures of rabbit corneal endothelial cells by following [14C]proline and [3H]glucosamine or [3H]fucose incorporation into a fraction enriched for collagen and its precursor molecules. Sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis of this fraction showed that it consisted of a high-molecular-weight (greater than(More)
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