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Phonon scattering limits charge-carrier mobilities and governs emission line broadening in hybrid metal halide perovskites. Establishing how charge carriers interact with phonons in these materials is therefore essential for the development of high-efficiency perovskite photovoltaics and low-cost lasers. Here we investigate the temperature dependence of(More)
We develop a method for calculating the electron-phonon vertex in polar semiconductors and insulators from first principles. The present formalism generalizes the Fröhlich vertex to the case of anisotropic materials and multiple phonon branches, and can be used either as a postprocessing correction to standard electron-phonon calculations, or in conjunction(More)
Transition metal oxides host a wealth of exotic phenomena ranging from charge, orbital and magnetic order to nontrivial topological phases and superconductivity. In order to translate these unique materials properties into device functionalities these materials must be doped; however, the nature of carriers and their conduction mechanism at the atomic scale(More)
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