C. Vandebrouck

1C. I. Dibala
1K. Konaté
1J. Bescond
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In muscle cells, force development is controlled by Ca2+ ions, which are rapidly released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) during sarcolemmal depolarization. In addition to this synchronized spatially homogeneous calcium signal, localized quantal Ca2+ release events (sparks) have been recorded using laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy.(More)
Aqueous-ethanolic extract of Cassia alata (AECal) and its derived fractions obtained through liquid-liquid fractionation were evaluated for their bronchorelaxant, genotoxic, and antigenotoxic effects. Contractile activity of rats' tracheas in the presence of tested materials, as well as its modifications with different inhibitors and blockers, was(More)
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