C. V. Guru Rao

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An accountable set of dynamic changes are happening on day to day basis in the software industry. So the change is the inevitable and heart of the software industry. Although many software processes and models, tools, standards exist and practices are set, still the industry is facing huge challenge in the design, build and reuse of software components,(More)
Clustering Software Components for efficient component retrieval is gaining a significant practical importance in the field of software engineering from academic researchers and software industry. Clustering reduces the search space of components by grouping similar entities together thus ensuring reduced time complexity. Finding software components for(More)
Clustering Transactions in sequence, temporal and time series databases is achieving an important attention from the database researchers and software industry. Significant research is carried out towards defining and validating the suitability of new similarity measures for sequence, temporal, time series databases which can accurately and efficiently find(More)
Data is the primary concern in data mining. Data Stream Mining is gaining a lot of practical significance with the huge online data generated from Sensors, Internet Relay Chats, Twitter, Facebook, Online Bank or ATM Transactions. The primary constraint in finding the frequent patterns in data streams is to perform only one time scan of the data with limited(More)