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The numerical solution of several mathematical models arising in financial economics for the valuation of both European and American call options on different types of assets is considered. All the models are based on the Black-Scholes partial differential equation. In the case of European options a numerical upwind scheme for solving the boundary backward(More)
This work presents a parallel version of a complex numerical algorithm for solving an el-astohydrodynamic piezoviscous lubrication problem studied in tribology. The numerical algorithm combines regula falsi, ®xed point techniques, ®nite elements and duality methods. The execution of the sequential program on a workstation requires signi®cant CPU time and(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity results from an imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure, which leads to an excess of adipose tissue. The excess of adipose tissue and adipocyte dysfunction associated with obesity are linked to the abnormal regulation of adipogenesis. The objective of this study was to analyze the expression profile of cell-cycle- and(More)
Many recent works have investigated the problem of extending a preference over a set of alternatives to its power set, in an attempt to provide a formal representation of the notion of freedom of choice. In general, results are limited to the finite case, which excludes, for instance, the case of economic environments. This paper deals with the possibility(More)
INTRODUCTION Taurine has probed to be involved in a wide range of biological processes and to provide several different important health benefits. Its effects have been revealed to be exerted mainly through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, among other mechanisms. OBJECTIVES AND METHODS The present review is aimed to provide a solid body of(More)
Chylous ascites is an uncommon finding which is due to the presence of thoracic or intestinal lymph in the abdominal cavity. It is usually caused by a chronic disruption of the lymphatic system. The present report is one of the rare cases in the literature of chylous ascites secondary to idiopathic acute pancreatitis, which showed a complete resolution with(More)