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Tamoxifen (and 4-hydroxytamoxifen), a nonsteroidal triphenylethylene antiestrogenic drug widely used in the treatment of breast cancer, interacts strongly with the respiratory chain of isolated rat liver mitochondria. The drug acts as both an uncoupling agent and a powerful inhibitor of electron transport. Tamoxifen brings about a collapse of the membrane(More)
In sahelian countries, parklands are very important for human populations from an economic point of view. Unfortunately, they are currently being threatened by pests such as Loranthaceae which are stem parasites. In Burkina Faso, six species of Loranthaceae have been identified and located geographically: Agelanthus dodoneifolius (DC.) Polh. & Wiens,(More)
The ultrastructure and lipid composition of chloroplasts, isolated from various shade and sun plants, were compared. Depending on the origin of the plastid, significant differences were observed in the percentage of appressed thylakoids. Accordingly, plastids could be classified into three different types: Type I chloroplasts, from mesophyll cells of sun(More)
Ultrastructural changes were studied in plastids from mature, partially senescent, senescent, and regreened soybean cotyledons. Tissues were fixed for electron microscopy and also plastoglobuli were isolated from 14-, 16-, and 23-day-old tissues as well as from tissues which had been regreened. In mature tissues, the mesophyll, as compared to the palisade(More)
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