C. Tsouros

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We introduce an innovative approach for detecting the region of interest in palmprint identification, from a highly noisy image, using a combinatorial algorithm. The existing research faces some critical issues such as noise, shadows, illumination variance, scars, rings, hand disorientation, disability (missing fingers) and different age group samples. All(More)
Here is a short explanation of an algorithm, which introduces a new approach for detecting and measuring elliptical regions from a binary image. These regions appear in the form of highly irregular white shapes in a black and white image. The algorithm computes three ellipses for every shape in the image. The inscribed ellipse E<sub>i</sub> which is the(More)
In this paper, a method of estimating the dimension of dynamical systems from a time series, using neural networks, is examined. It is based (a) on the hypothesis that a member of a time series can be optimally expressed as a deterministic function of the d past series values (where d is the dimension of the system), and (b) on the observation that neural(More)
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