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A new Self-Organizing Learning Array (SOLAR) system has been realized in software. SOLAR is capable of handling a wide variety of classification problems. It has a regular array structure with sparsely interconnected computing elements and local learning rules. Unlike artificial neural networks, this structure scales well to large systems capable of solving(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETS) are dynamic in nature. It is well known fact that dynamic nature of network infrastructure (of MANETS) results in the highly vulnerable to attacks. Among these attacks, routing attack has considerable attention, since it could cause most destructive damage to MANET. A lot of work is going on in the area of Intrusion(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc network (MANET) is a temporary infrastructure less network. This network is formed by combining some set of wireless mobile hosts [1] [5]. The host is called as a node which dynamically establishes their own network. Intrusion detection in MANETs, however, is challenging for a number of reasons. These networks change their topologies(More)
The authors present experimental results which show that feedforward neural networks are well suited for analog IC fault diagnosis. Their results suggest that feedforward networks provide a cost efficient method for IC fault diagnosis in a large scale production environment. They specifically compare the diagnostic accuracy and the computational(More)
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