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Advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have contributed greatly to the study of neurodegenerative processes, psychiatric disorders, and normal human development, but the effect of such improvements on the reliability of downstream morphometric measures has not been extensively studied. We examined how MRI-derived neurostructural measures are affected(More)
Permission to publish this Abstract separately is granted. ABSTRACT In this paper a novel general methodology is introduced for the computer-aided reconstruction of the magnificent wall-paintings of the Greek island Thera (Santorini), painted in the middle of the second millennium BC. These wall-paintings are excavated in fragments and, as a result, their(More)
—In this paper, a color image segmentation method and a pattern analysis are presented, in connection with the extraordinary 1650 B.C. wall paintings found in the Greek island of Thera. These wall paintings are usually reconstructed from thousands of fragments widely scattered in the excavated site. The fragments' depiction manifests inhomogeneous color(More)
In this paper, an original general methodology is introduced to establish whether a handmade shape corresponds to a given geometrical prototype. Using this methodology, one can decide if an artist had the intention of drawing a specific mathematical prototype or not. This analysis is applied to the 1650 B.C. wall paintings from the prehistoric settlement on(More)
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