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Atypical functional lateralization and specialization for language have been proposed to account for developmental language disorders, yet results from functional neuroimaging studies are sparse and inconsistent. This functional magnetic resonance imaging study compared children with a specific subtype of specific language impairment affecting structural(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Gliomatosis cerebri (GC) is a rare neoplasm including a variety of tumors, with extremely variable evolution and heterogeneity of prognosis. It may appear either de novo or after a focal glioma, involve predominantly the white or the gray matter, and concern either pediatric or adult patients. We focused on primary GC involving(More)
Three cases of diffuse subcortical gray matter heterotopias in children are reported. Generalised seizures and mild mental retardation were the most frequent signs. No specific electroencephalographic pattern was recognized. Magnetic resonance imaging scans showed the thick diffuse layer of heterotopic gray matter which was surrounded by normal white(More)
BACKGROUND Localized hypertrophic neuropathy (LHN) of the sciatic nerve in children is a rare condition characterized by a painless neurological deficit in the sciatic nerve territory. OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the role of MRI using a specific protocol and describe the primary findings in LHN. MATERIALS AND METHODS Imaging in four children (age 2 years(More)
Libellé Rhombencéphalosynapsis : aspects cliniques et génétiques; aspects radiologiques (imagerie prénatale et postnatale) Aspects cliniques et génétiques d'une malformation rare du cervelet : Le RHOMBENCEPHALOSYNAPSIS RESUME Objectifs de l'étude : Le rhombencéphalosynapsis (RES) est une malformation rare du cervelet caractérisée par l'association d'une(More)
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