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The case of an eleven-months-old girl is reported: she entered the intensive care unit for fever, vomiting and left pleural effusion. Abdominal echography, CT scan and colonic opacification led to the diagnosis of a colonic Bochdalek hernia. A review of the literature showed that colonic hernias are rare, with only five previous reported cases in which(More)
To propose an easy and reproducible sonographic screening test able to avoid late presentation of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). The pubo-femoral distance (PFD) cut-off point was determined on 980 infants who underwent ultrasonography of the hips in comparison with the final diagnosis, based on clinical, ultrasound data and follow-up. PFD(More)
We report a case of congenital pancreatic cyst detected prenatally by ultrasound in a fetus with evidence for a diagnosis of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS). Neonatal hypoglycaemia was prevented. The cyst was managed by internal drainage. This is the second reported case of BWS associated with pancreatic cystic dysplasia and the first time that this(More)
At one month, the acetabular depth from a standard lateral coronal section is 4.6 ± 1.0mm. The correlation between experienced and junior radiologists is high (kappa 0.795). A treshhold of 6mm with a Δ (difference between right and left) less than 1.5mm provides a sensitivity of 100% for the detection of DDH at one month. Universal US screening at one month(More)
To investigate the contribution of whole-body post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) in sudden unexpected death in infants and children. Forty-seven cases of sudden unexpected death in children investigated with radiographic skeletal survey, whole-body PMCT and autopsy were enrolled. For imaging interpretation, non-specific post-mortem modifications and(More)
Congenital vertical talus is a rare condition. In newborns, the diagnosis is evident in severe forms, but it can be difficult to confirm in mild ones. Non-ossified tarsal navicular cannot be visualized on standard roentgenograms until it is ossified. This work demonstrates that ultrasound is helpful in the early diagnosis of congenital vertical talus and in(More)
Gliomatosis cerebri (GC) is a rare neoplasm including a variety of tumors, with extremely variable evolution and heterogeneity of prognosis. It may appear either de novo or after a focal glioma, involve predominantly the white or the gray matter, and concern either pediatric or adult patients. We focused on primary GC involving exclusively gray matter in a(More)
Multi-septate gallbladder is a very rare anomaly. In this 13-years-old girl with a complaint of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, sonographic examination and oral cholecystogram demonstrated a normal size gallbladder with many thin septa. The longitudinal section of the removed gallbladder revealed multiple inter-communicating lobules divided by many(More)
Alimentary tract duplications are rare, linked in their tubular form with a disturbance of organogenesis at the time of the separation of the notochord during the 4th week of gestation. Its division leads to the formation of a supernumerary esophagus, situated in the posterior mediastinum, associated with vertebral malformations and connected at its distal(More)
Atypical functional lateralization and specialization for language have been proposed to account for developmental language disorders, yet results from functional neuroimaging studies are sparse and inconsistent. This functional magnetic resonance imaging study compared children with a specific subtype of specific language impairment affecting structural(More)