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An efficient approach called general sparse matrix canonical grid (G-SMCG) method is proposed to analyze the electromagnetic scattering from 2-D dielectric rough surface with a conducting object partially buried. In this paper, the scattering of 3-D arbitrarily shaped object is computed by using the traditional method of moments (MoM) with RWG basis(More)
Long data collecting time is one of the bottlenecks of the stepped-frequency continuous-wave ground penetrating radar (SFCWGPR). We discuss the applicability of the Compressive Sensing (CS) method to three dimensional buried point-like targets imaging for SFCW-GPR. It is shown that the image of the sparse targets can be reconstructed by solving a(More)
We consider the influence of quenched noise upon interface dynamics in two-dimensional (2D) and 3D capillary rise with rough walls by using a phase-field approach, where the local conservation of mass in the bulk is explicitly included. In the 2D case, the disorder is assumed to be in the effective mobility coefficient, while in the 3D case we explicitly(More)
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