C. Toepffer

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Dense hydrogen is studied in the framework of wave packet molecular dynamics. In this semiquantal many-body simulation method the electrons are represented by wave packets which are suitably parametrized. The equilibrium properties and time evolution of the system are obtained with the help of a variational principle. At room temperature the results for the(More)
Experiments on ion-electron recombination in electron coolers show an enhancement of the recombination rate with respect to the standard theory. The theoretical explanation of this effect is an active field of research. Here a parameter-free model is presented in terms of the Vlasov equation. Its inherent scaling rests on two dimensionless variables and(More)
The energy loss of a heavy ion moving in a magnetized electron plasma is considered within the linear response (LR) and binary collision (BC) treatments with the purpose to look for a connection between these two models. These two complementary approaches yield close results if no magnetic field is present, but there develop discrepancies with growing(More)
The electric microfield distribution at charged particles is studied for two-component electron-ion plasmas using molecular dynamics simulation and theoretical models. The particles are treated within classical statistical mechanics using an electron-ion Coulomb potential regularized at distances less than the de Broglie length to take into account the(More)
The profiles of spectral lines of a radiator (atom or ion) immersed in a plasma are a valuable diagnostic tool [1]. Under certain conditions [1, 2], the observed line shapes are closely related to the electric microfield distribution (MFD) at the position of the radiator [2]. Since the pioneering work of Holtsmark [2], various theoretical approaches to(More)
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