C Thunhurst

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Health planning is an essential function of the state. For it to be successful, a number of conditions need to be satisfied. In particular it needs to be flexible, participative and integrated with other decision processes. Despite some strengths, the health planning system in Pakistan has generally failed to provide the framework to allow such an approach.(More)
Devolution in the UK has, inadvertently, provided a natural experiment for comparing the impact of different approaches to policy and practice on populations that are broadly similar by most criteria. Realizing the potential gold mine that this presents for comparing policy and practice in the field of public health, the UK Public Health Association has(More)
This paper describes work undertaken in Pakistan within a project to strengthen the health planning system, aimed at improving the capacity of the planning cells to identify priorities and develop broad strategic guidelines. The work starts from the premise that identification of priorities requires two stages. In the first stage, problems must be(More)
BACKGROUND The physical and social environment influences access to a healthy lifestyle, of which transport is one determining factor. This paper estimates the cost of transport on the island of Ireland. METHODS Budget standards were developed on the basis of costs of baskets of core goods and services required for daily living. The transport budget was(More)
The utilization of medical services by patients is an important determinant of doctor productivity, but this factor does not appear to have been given much attention in previous studies. In order to answer the question of why is there a wide variation in doctor output at low level medical facilities in China, an analytical framework of doctor productivity(More)
In this paper we present approaches to problem structuring that have been employed to derive planning guidelines as part of a comprehensive strategic planning process. The approaches were developed for use in the context of a developing country, where quantitative data is particularly scarce. They rely heavily upon the informed judgement of technical(More)
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