C. Thompson

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The orientation of SFF-manufactured parts can have a signiicant eeect on the quality of the parts, in both surface eeects and strength. Currently, orientation is either ignored or set on the basis of experience. This paper takes some simple experiments and creates quantitative measures relating diierent aspects of part quality to orientation. This leads to(More)
Learning dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs) is one of the current research focuses. In this article a GA-based approach is proposed for DBNs parameters learning from fully and partially observed data. The validity of the novel approach has been demonstrated by a detailedly described example, and the experimental results show that the proposed GA-based(More)
Three components of a concept robotic fueling system for automatic refueling of vehicles for commercial use were designed and tested. The components of interest were the control system (user interface and logic), vehicle positioning system (sensor system), and the automatic controlled dispensing of fuel (fuel nozzle). Tests on a scaled bench-top vehicle(More)
Many astrophysical systems have important behaviors on scales so disparate that even modern techniques such as adaptive mesh refinement cannot possibly resolve all of the dynamics. However, there are situations where the interactions between the scales are relatively simple; in these cases the system can be meaningfully decomposed into different(More)
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